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anyway, whatever i guess.
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“The whole world is a horrible place and it will hurt your feelings.”

today I’m pissed off.
im pissed off because while i was eating a friend relayed a story about a time he had experienced racism at my new school. but the story isnt why im pissed (other than the fact that we’re in the 21st century and people still think it’s okay to use racial slurs) im pissed because the reaction from one of my colleagues was to say “that’s a pretty severe accusation, i just want to be sure that what you’re saying is true.“ as if my friend was required to prove the incident, prove himself, in order for it to be true. this is racism. Just as people discounting rape victims’ stories is sexism and misogyny. you are doing it out of a belief that this black man is less honest or trustworthy than you yourself. And that is fucked up and racist.

grad school yo

Nikolai Tsiskaridze trained by Galina Ulanova
Photo by Mikhail Logvinov

Fan Ho’s fantastic black and white street photographs of 1950s Hong Kong
All girls continue to be taught when they are young, if not by their parents then by the culture around them, that they must earn the right to be loved — that “femaleness” is not good enough. This is a female’s first lesson in the school of patriarchal thinking and values. She must earn love. She is not entitled. She must be good enough to be loved. And good is always defined by someone else, someone on the outside.
bell hooks in Communion: Female Search for Love (via daniellemertina)

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